Galoppin Papier


At Galoppin Papier we like to contribute to a sustainable future for people, the environment and society. Corporate social responsibility has been an important part of our corporate vision for many years and is invariably the thread running through our production process.


The pursuit of a sustainable model already starts in our prepress phase. When designing packaging, we attach great importance to reducing waste as much as possible. In the production process, we process raw materials into finished products with a minimum of waste.

Local production

Because local production and sustainable business go hand in hand, the production of our packaging materials takes place exclusively at our site in Boortmeerbeek. By providing our own local production, we reduce national and international transport to a minimum and contribute to a sustainable, environmentally-conscious model. 

Bio plant

To break down solvent ink emissions, Galoppin Papier uses a unique biotrickling plant. The supplied air from the machines enters directly into a purification system where micro-organisms take care of breaking down the particles. This way, no post-combustion takes place and we use an environmentally friendly solution. This installation is unique in this industry.

Labels and certificates

Galoppin Papier is both FSC and PEFC certified. Both labels guarantee paper products that come from legally and sustainably managed forests. Ask about our FSC® / PEFC® certified products.

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